How does it work?

  1. You must be registered in the Caribconex system
  2. Have your vendor ship the merchandise to
    The Name You Registered (STT)
    c/o Caribconex
    7500 NW 81st Place Suite 2
    Miami, Fl 33166
  3. Ask the vendor to email you a copy of the invoice
  4. The cargo will arrive in Miami. Upon arrival, the tracking number is entered into the system along with the name and the piece count . After that it is put on a machine that will weigh it, take the dimensions and several pictures. This information is uploaded into the system and also emailed to you
  5. You will receive an email from Caribconex with the pictures and any documents that came with the cargo. Please review the pictures, the warehouse in Miami will normally note if there are any damages or if it is improperly packed for export. If you see something that makes you uncomfortable or if you want a shipment to be re packed or returned. Please contact Chari at 305 705 6775, provide her with the Warehouse receipt number that is in the subject line of the email and tell her what you need
  6. Once you are aware that the cargo has been delivered, please email the invoice to INVOICES@RCCVI.COM. It may be a lot easier for you to just email it when you get it, BUT, it may miss a sailing because we need to look for it. If you never receive an email from the Caribconex system, one of 3 things has happened
    • It was not delivered to us at all, but may have been delivered to someone else’s warehouse in the vicinity
    • It came in with 500 other packages and we are still sorting and entering them into the system
    • It arrived, but we did not recognize the name- or there was no name at all. If this happens you should email and provide us with the tracking number. We will be able to locate it with the tracking number. We will still need the invoice
  7. When you send us the invocie, please advie us to “Ship on the next vessel” or provide us with other instructions like “hold for consolidation” If we have the invoice and have not received any instructions, we may ship it right away.
  8. Please be aware that if we receive tiny shipments, and have not heard from you. we will probably wait to contact you. Most tiny shipments are part of a bigger shipment. Please don’t assume that it will automatically be shipped ASAP
  9. At this point, we release the cargo to be loaded. We have a noon cut off on Mondays and Wednesdays for sailings on Wednesday and Friday. If we have the cargo and the invoice we will ship. Going back to the small parcels, bear in mind that if your courier (FED EX, UPS or USPS) says something was delivered on Monday or Wednesday, it may not be entered into the system until the next day- so it may not sail when you think.
  10. The cargo for St Thomas is consolidatd into a 40’ container and sails to St Thomas.
  11. We create and rate the Bills of Lading here in St Thomas
  12. We clear your shipment through Excise Tax and US Customs
  13. We off load the containers
  14. We call you to notify you that your shipment is ready for pick up or for delivery if you would like us to bring it to you
  15. You pay (cash, credit card or business check)
  16. You get your goods!