Examples of Things That We Ship

On line Stores that will not deliver to St Thomas or St John

Vehicle Parts

Merchandise from China



Gym Equipment

Jet Skis

New furniture


Bathroom components


When shipping items to yourself or your family members in St Thomas or St John, please note:

  • If the cargo is USED, we will need a Freight Manifest that provides us with a total piece count (the number of boxes or pieces) the current value (not the replacement value) and a general description for example 3 boxes kitchen not 1 box plates 1 box pans and 1 box knives.
  • If you are buying the merchandise while in the US and you are going to drop it off to us in Miami, please bring the Receipt or invoice from where ever you buy it. If you bought it from a flea market and there is no invoice, create one- who you bought it from, what you bought, what it cost and the date.
  • If you are buying from EBAY- you need to get a receipt
  • If you are visiting family outside of Florida and you see something you want to buy, it would be MUCH cheaper for you to buy it on line where they will normally deliver it to our Miami warehouse for free. Buying something because it is a great price in Boise, Idaho, wont seem like such a good idea when you pay triple the cost to have it trucked to Florida.
  • If you are delivering merchandise or personal effects you have purchased to us In Miami to our Caribconex warehouse, you will be provided with pallets and shrink wrap so that the merchandise will be moved by fork lift. This isn’t for someone dropping off 1 or 2 boxes, but for larger shipments.
  • If you have ordered from multiple vendors or even from a single vendor (Amazon for example) and we will receive multiple shipments for you, let us know if you want us to hold for consolidation. We will not know when we have received all of your merchandise, so it will be up to you to provide us with invoices and tell us when you want to ship. You have 30 days free for us to hold your cargo for consolidation.